Why stay with us

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September 6, 2016

Why stay with us

Living in a five-star hotel and experiencing the luxurious lifestyle is easily available and accessible in every nook and corner of the world, but when you set out for exciting adventures or a ride in the past, getting a lifestyle of the similar era is very precious and difficult to find. Museums have preserved the setups and artifacts, but at our Inn, we let you experience them and live with them.

room-918994_640Did you ever get an opportunity to visit England’s museum in America or vice versa? Have you ever visited the monarch’s mansion and spend a day or two with your loved ones? Maybe not, because these are places which are found in museums or are archaeological sites preserved for studies. We at Inn 1816 Postoffice Bed and Breakfast offers you an opportunity to explore the Galveston area and spend the night in the Victorian era, a combination of modern and history. Celebrating special moments in a different way is always memorable and that is why we are here to create memories for you. We make you feel like monarchs, prince, and princess and ride you through the horse carriage to your favorite places.

A historical place by the beach with a wonderful garden and amalgamation of the old and new resources makes the adventure far more exciting and thrilling. You get to experience new products and have meals served in a very professional way. All these thoughts make you close to two eras of time.

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